Northwest EcoBuilding Guild
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild's Fundraiser

Help us collect Gems of Innovation!

Treasure to empower EcoBuilders thru the Code Innovations Database

$4,250 towards $6,000

EcoBuilding Innovators are the R&D Department for tomorrows building industry

The Code Innovations Database is expanding to become the go-to resource for innovative permit precedents, policies and incentives!

TODAY we are highlighting Eugene's "Opportunity Village" - a safe place to be! Please help underwrite this case study so we can contribute to project organizers' "Village Toolkit" and publish innovative permitting precedents to build tiny villages for a fraction of "affordable housing" costs! Half your donation will go to Opportunity Village.

Help us recognize and empower EcoBuilding Innovators by helping underwrite one of their case studies. Together, we'll make it easier to permit high-performance green buildings.

Even a small donation goes a long way to helping the Guild meet our goal for the Code Innovations Database.

If you want to be an individual or business underwriter, download the Underwrite a Gem brochure!